Advance Lawsuit Funding

It is common for those involved in a lawsuit to expect it to be a quick and painless process.  Many underestimate the amount of time it takes to settle a case.  Especially when it is believed to be a slam dunk.

The length of time it takes to settle a case can add extra heartache to those who are already suffering.  While waiting for the money to come in from a settlement, bills begin to pile up.  These bills may include those for medical treatments and day-to-day living expenses.  Not to mention the additional cost of having to hire an attorney to help get through the lawsuit process.

This is where advance lawsuit funding comes to the rescue.  This type of funding can come in the form of pre-settlement funding, which acts like a cash advance.  This is different than a loan, as it is taken out against the settlement expected.  Because of the risk for the provider, expect interest rates to be a bit higher for this type of funding.  The funding is given with the expectation there will be a settlement and if there is no settlement, the funding will not be repaid to the provider.  Funding is available for those who have filed a case associated with a slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, malpractice or other similar similar case.  Advance lawsuit funding makes it possible to put financial worries aside while waiting for a settlement from a civil case.