Civil Cases

Sometimes it is necessary to file a dispute with the courts and end up in front of a judge to rule on a civil case.  Civil cases are when someone, the plaintiff, takes another person, the defendant, to court.  In most situations, civil cases involve disputes between two parties that need to be settled by an unbiased party, such as a judge or jury.  Some of the more common civil cases are those involving insurance companies, auto accidents and personal injury.

Depending upon what the case is about, civil cases can become a bit pricey.  Everything from hiring an attorney to filling with the courts and missing work to attend court to transportation costs can cause the bill for a civil case to rise.  Not only can it be a bit costly, but if there has been a loss or gap in employment, the plaintiff may find it hard to pay household bills while waiting for the court date and for the settlement afterwards.

A settlement advance for a civil case can help relieve some of the financial burden on the plaintiff.  Especially if the plaintiff is filling his/her civil case over a personal injury or anything that has caused loss of employment.  Sometimes civil cases can be dragged out, often taking weeks or even months.  A settlement advance can help alleviate the financial burden the plaintiff experiences.