Lawsuit Loan

If you think you have a slam dunk case, you might want to speak to your attorney about a realistic time frame for your specific case.  It may look like a clear open and shut case, however even some of the simplest of cases can take weeks, months and even years to get a settlement.  When speaking with your attorney, you might also want to ask about filling for a lawsuit loan to help pay for fees and other expenses during the settlement process.

If it looks like your case is going to be a long process, speak with your attorney about filling for a lawsuit loan and/or some type of pre-settlement funding.  Both of these help alleviate fear of not being able to pay your bills and help making sure your attorneys have enough money to pursue your case and get you the best settlement possible.

A lawsuit loan is a cash advance that funds all of the legal expenses associated with cases like yours.  It helps fund cases associated with a slip and fall, malpractice cases, motor vehicle accidents and other similar cases.

Those going through these types of situations may want to apply for pre-settlement funding.  This is similar to receiving a cash advance against money you are expected to receive from your settlement.  The monies can be used top pay your day-to-day bills while in recovery.

Both lawsuit loans and pre-settlement funding can help you get the money needed without worrying how you are going to get everything paid for.