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Been in an auto accident?

Have you been injured in an auto accident and considering legal funding? If so, this article is designed to give you a few tips and guidance in knowing how to proceed in such instances. There are many factors about which you should be aware and if you don’t take note of them, you may wind up losing thousands of dollars!

In many instances, passengers in a vehicle involved in an auto accident sustain injuries and don’t know against whom they may file a claim to obtain compensation for those injuries. If the driver of the vehicle a prospective plaintiff occupies is at-fault, the passengers have a direct claim against that driver in almost all instances. However, in most instances, passengers are reticent to file a claim against the driver of the vehicle they occupied. This is due to the fact that these individuals are often family-members, acquaintances, and friends.

However, it may be necessary to pursue a claim against the driver. If the driver is involved in an incident in which the driver is at-fault, certainly that driver is responsible for injuries sustained by those individuals occupying his/her vehicle. If the driver of the vehicle collides with another vehicle that is occupied by an uninsured-driver, there may be no other party against whom to file a claim to obtain compensation for injuries sustained. Additionally, many auto accidents occur between two vehicles and one of the drivers flees the scene.

Individuals involved in auto accidents often find that legal funding is required to continue the long-pursuit involved in obtaining the compensation required as a result of injuries sustained. It is important to realize the importance of obtaining a competent Personal Injury attorney in such instances. Unfortunately, this is an area in which many attorneys offer services and have little experience in representing such clients. Furthermore, many of these individuals merely run what are classified as “mills,” designed simply to move claims quickly through a system, paying little-or-no attention to the plaintiffs who present their claims.

It is also very important to seek medical attention in such instances if injuries are either suspected or known. Failure to seek medical attention in a timely-manner often severely compromises the plaintiff’s claim. The opposing party will focus a great deal of attention on the delay that occurs between the date on which the auto accident occurred and the date on which the plaintiff presents for medical attention.

Legal funding is often essential to these individuals to have some sense of confidence that they will be able to obtain the medical attention that they need. Many attorneys will accept such clients on what is referred to as a “contingency” basis. This means that the attorney will be able to represent the client without first obtaining a retainer-fee This is one of the few areas of Law in which attorneys are able to represent clients on a contingency-basis.

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