Post-Settlement Funding

One of the most common misconceptions about winning a settlement is that the check will be sent immediately.  However, even when the case has settled, there are often delays in getting the funds into the plaintiff’s account.  Sometimes these delays are just days, other times they can be weeks or months.  That is where post-settlement funding comes into play.  Things that can delay settlement payment include anything from red tape, liens that need to be cleared up or a few things that still need to be investigated.  A delay in funding from a settlement could also mean delayed treatment or not being able to pay for the essentials while waiting for return to work.

Post-settlement funding is different than pre-settlement funding, as this form of funding comes after the case has been settled or closed by the judge.  Once the case is settled, pre-settlement funding ends.  In many cases, money is still needed and and that is where post-settlement funding comes into play.  Especially if there is an expected delay in receiving the settlement payment.

No matter what the holdup might be, post-settlement funding makes it possible to get an advance or payment on the settlement.  The money from post-settlement is available immediately and can be used to pay for the essentials.  Having the money now will help get the plaintiff back on track while waiting for the full settlement to arrive.