Pre-Settlement Funding

The pace at which a case proceeds through the courts is not always speedy.  Even what one would consider to be a simple, straightforward case, can often be delayed or require months of investigation and settle.  While waiting for a case to make it through the court system, bills start to pile up and those pesky creditors start to become impatient.  Being stressed over bills and having to deal with creditors does not help with the recovery process.  It can sometimes make a person feel worse.

Avoid being harassed and feeling depressed by looking into pre-settlement funding.  This type of funding is similar to post-settlement funding, but the money is given before the case is finally closed and settled.  This type of funding is a cash advance that is taken against the expected settlement the case should generate.  There is interest, which is higher than a loan from a bank.  This is because of the risk associated with the advance.  When the case is settled, the advance and interest are paid back.  If it is not settled, neither of the two gets paid back to the lender.  Money from pre-settlement funding is available right away and is meant to help get plaintiffs through hard times while waiting for the case to be settled.  Knowing the money is there and available, helps alleviate any stress associated with paying bills and supporting a family.  Peace of mind can help put a person on the road to a speedy recovery.